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Friday, January 14, 2005

Reality check out stand

a poet-
a prophet
in his own town

Of course I had a little help with this one. The second two thirds of it were written by Jesus. But I think he'd agree. The people who've known you a long time are hard to impress. Water in to wine? Walk on water? Raise the dead? You're always the kid from down the block to them.

As a new poet, the hardest person to impress is my wife. Wives have a special God given defense mechanism that enables them to survive a marriage with their brains intact. It involves tuning out a large degree of what a husband says and discounting the rest. "Hey! I got another publishing acceptance!" "Does it pay anything?" "No, but I'm going to be in print again...AND I got published on this Japanese website!" "Oh. What does that one pay?" Grrr!

I'm still smarting from the incredulous look I got when I showed her the one dollar check from the haiku magazine that bought a verse from me. (I could have held out for a buck fifty but I'm new, kay?)

Really. We could be at the mall and have an international terrorist incident break out and I could save the day and say, "Did you see that? I wrestled that machine gun away from the one guy shot two others, used a table to shield those girl scouts from bullets and caught that falling infant in mid air!" My wife would say, "Your zippers open."

Of course her enthusiasm may be tempered by the luck of the draw that handed her a haiku poet instead of a Stephen King or someone who actually made money from what they labor over for hours. Life is funny that way. Then again, it may be that she recognizes I'm alternately wracked with insecurity or insufferably boastful and seeks a middle path to keep me grounded... how thoughtful! I'm going to buy her flowers!

A few crow'ku from the esteemed Momiji Fujiwara:

That bold Headlands crow
beaks up to the skidding grill
of a startled tourist.

Under tearing rain
crow finishes the picnic,
croaking table grace

The wind twists his wings,
his black body lifts,
fulfilling hawk dreams.

and one of my own:

autumn afternoon
crows grow distant
in a flat white sky

I drive nowhere without paper and pen in the car-

someone's bumperstickers
tell me who they hate

an obscene gesture
from a pretty girl

pen in hand
i hope for a red light
afternoon commute

adjacent lane-
a safeway clerk
picks her nose

Or sometimes, sorry to say, something to read.

while reading haiku
the light turns green-
honking horns

Today, I went grocery shopping while the aforementioned spouse went to the salon.

grocery store-
surrounding his mother
a single child

attracted repulsed
a cloudy specimen jar
of gefilte fish

I'm sure its delicious! It just looks like something on a shelf in the Smithsonian.

homebound groceries:
the smell of coffee beans
wakes up the whole car

and a tanka inspired verse from my pre shopping lunch

chinese food for one-
i read my fortune smiling
i'm a gemini

"sincerity and friendship
thrive between you both"


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