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Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Not All About Me

In my haiku world, its not all paper cranes and stone lanterns. I've done a few of those of course but they sound ridiculous coming from me. I'm a modern American and I write about my camaro, waiting at stop lights, guns, cell phones, and skateboarders as well as "pretty scenes from nature".

As for everything not being about me? I want to clue you in on a couple fellow poets. Before you see them on Oprah, you saw them here.

My haiku "legal counsel" suggested I start this blog. This is a haiku slinging lawyer who has a keen eye and a sharp pen. His name's David Giacalone. When you're sitting around saying, "I sure wish there was a place I could read some moving, insightful haiku with a good sense of humour." Go see the esquire. While your'e there, click on "dagosans scrapbook" (right side of his page) to check out a collection of his verse. He's got some "How to" haiku links too, and if that's what he's been reading, then they're worth a look.

Next, please meet my "non-typical" haiku poet friend Sally Barry. What is a "typical" haiku poet? I'm not sure, but even I have a stereotype in mind. A Birkenstock wearing macrobiotic diet type who wears wooden beads, has too many cats and drives a Volvo wagon with an "Atom Kraft? Nien Danka" sticker on it. Well this is'nt her.

Sally is more of your electric guitar, rock drummer, haiku poet who would crack your skull with a mic stand if you did'nt get off stage.

wind in the dry reeds
two lovers launch paper boats
carnival glass sky

we party crash autumn's wake
in our summer silks

See? Now those were "friendly" enough, but Sally's got another side as well.

the black of your hair
casting a winter eclipse
across my pale thigh

witch's familiar
listens for the sound of breath
slow narcotic drip

small boy with toy sword
kills self over and over
in hallway mirror

a salamander
ballerina jewelry box
mummified treasure

pale icicle moon
supine mortuary doll
secret frozen kiss

Only a couple of these stand a chance of being printed on the side of a package of green tea anytime soon. Which is exactly why I think she's so great. There's already plenty of well behaved poets out there. This is one of the few"bad girls" of haiku.

A few parting verses from your host:

autumn visit-
my laugh sounds tired
some hollowness

a faint smudge
fills in for the sun

my wallet-
a rectangle of air
where the money was

skyscrapers tilt-
the angle of loneliness
near the waterfront

I'll get into one of the true wild men of haiku, Hosai Ozaki, in an upcoming installment.


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